Welcome to my online home!

I appreciate you stopping by! If we haven’t met on social media or in real life, I’m Kandice Shelton…HEYYYYY!

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. I’m also, CEO of Fitspiration10, a health and fitness lifestyle company and creator of The Fit Formula programs and Bounce Fitness Club.

I help women (and a few good men ) to reach and maintain their ideal weight through fitness, nutrition and accountability programs.

During my own 60-pound weight loss journey, I fell (head over heels) in love with healthy living. It was then that I found, not only a second career, but also my heart’s passion.

My Weight Loss Journey

After losing 60 pounds, people ask me how I did it…the answer they get is not typical. I wanted something different, so I did something different! Starting with changing my MINDSET! I shifted how I thought about food, exercise, body weight, etc…and the rest followed.

Once I made that change, my eating habits changed to clean eating and, more importantly eating for my body type and genetics. The change helped me to drop the first 25 pounds.

Yes, that’s 25 pounds gone with JUST getting on the right nutrition plan.

Next up, I incorporated exercise. But not just exercise…exercise with accountability. I joined a running club, bribed my friends to meet me for group fitness classes and hired a coach who kept me on track with accountability.

Now, as a fitness and nutrition coach, I put major focus on accountability with my clients. This coupled with both consistent exercise and healthy eating, the rest of the weight came off.

60 pounds…GONE! No, it certainly wasn’t easy, but it was achievable with the right tools.

During this journey, I’m thankful that I discovered my passion for the health, wellness and fitness lifestyle and my passion for helping others through their journey. I have also found another level of strength, courage and determination that I didn’t realize existed.

This was the motivation in me completing 3 half marathons, a duathlon, a century (100 mile) bike ride and a 3 day, 170 mile bike ride around the island of Jamaica. Now, onto the next phase of the journey…competing in a physique modeling competition next year.

(Yikes, I can’t believe I’m putting it out into the universe).

Official Bio

Kandice started her journey into fitness and nutrition after losing 60 pounds and gaining the courage to become a Zumba instructor. While she still loves to teach dance fitness classes, Kandice has received several fitness certifications including personal training, spin, pilates, kickboxing, piyo, kids fitness and rebound fitness. She has also completed specialty training in areas such as pre/post natal fitness and strength and conditioning for seniors.

As Kandice learned from her own weight loss journey, nutrition is the key to weight loss and general health. With this, she completed her certification to become a Nutritionist and Weight Management Coach. She also holds a Masters degree in Healthcare Management.

With her personal experience coupled with her fitness and nutrition education, she created The Fit Formula line of programs as well as Bounce Fitness Club, a line of rebound fitness programs. These fitness and nutrition offerings are geared to make it easy for women (and a few good men) to reach and maintain their ideal health and weight.

5 Fun Facts about Kandice

  1. Kandice was born with an extra finger, on her left hand, which apparently is more common than most realize, and in some cultures is considered good luck! #1-2-3-4-5-SIX!! #WaitWhat?
  2. During summer break of her 7th grade year, Kandice played on a software ball team. The first time that she was up to bat, she was hit directly in the jaw with the softball. Needless to say, that was also the last time she played softball. #Ouch
  3. It’s no secret that Kandice absolutely loves teaching dance fitness classes but what is a secret is that, just once, she wants to perform as a backup dancer for a major celebrity at a sold out concert. #BeyonceHireMe!
  4. In Kandice’s world the essential items for basic survival are food, water, shelter and chocolate…and not in that order. #Priorities
  5. Kandice broke her foot recently in a random accident and, once she was cleared from the doctor, she taught fitness classes in her cast boot. #Commitment